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August 13, 2009

Real time roundup [Part 2] — responsive web applications

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This is often a hard to appreciate aspect of the real time stack. But only till you experience it. Think about the instant delivery of notifications in Facebook or the character by character real time transmission in Google wave. On the face of it, it might look like a minor feature but from UX responsiveness, this is big. Once you use these apps, the rest of the world would look sluggish kind of like how a dial-up internet connection feels today. This is as much of a leap as the transition from refreshing web pages to see updates to letting the RSS reader do it for you.

This pattern can be applied to many web applications. This is the key that will bridge the gap that web applications have over desktop applications. Their ability to react to user/data events in real time. With HTML web sockets, this might be more standardized but even today, long poll/comet etc are pretty scalable and general purpose. Once the common web programming environments like ASP.NET/JSP/PHP etc embrace this concept fully, there is great potential here.

This could even be in the form of a generic pub-sub provided as a secure cloud service. As a web site developer, I need a pipe to transfer data to and from the browser in real time. But I dont want to invest in a pub-sub infrastructure which is very different from the HTTP programming model that I am used to and has entirely different scaling characterstics. If this is provided as a service on Microsoft Azure/Amazon ECS/Google AppEngine, if would be much easier to integrate into the current programming model. But what would such a reusable model include ? A few things off the top of my head :

  1. The long poll connection to the server with a javascript component that is embedded in the web pages. This will enable the duplex connectivity.
  2. A pub sub infrastructure that will provide some session storage and topic based subscriptions to the sessions. For example, when a user visits a rel time web page, a session will be created for it on the pub sub backend. Then the web site (instance) will register for topics that it is interested in.  The web server could publish these topics to the pub-sub system and the pub-sub system would push these to the browsers.
  3. Topics can be transient entries in the pub sub system that are created as pages subscribe to them.
  4. An API exposed to the web site backend that would push arbitrary topic updates to teh pub sub system.

This kind of an infrastructure component provided as a piece of code to be reused or as a cloud service would make it easy to build real time responsive web sites.


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